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Newly married AND seasoned couples learning and growing together in faith and community as we serve Jesus through our marriages and families…. reflecting His love to a lost world.
Sundays at 10:45 am – West Campus Gym, North end

God designed marital love to be both romantic & passionate, an oasis for the soul. Israel’s King Solomon not only knew this but we see his example of romance and passion in marriage being lived out on the pages of the Song of Solomon. Join us this fall for The Song of Songs an in-depth look at Romance, Dating and Sex in marriage and revive those embers of love in your marriage.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AUDIO OR NOTES FROM THIS CLASS

EngagedEssentials for Engaged Couples

An exciting eight-week class for pre-engaged, engaged and newlywed couples preparing for the lifelong joys of a healthy and committed marriage. 
Contact us for more information.

Fireproof movie and love dare bookFireproof Your Marriage

Based on the popular movie, Fireproof, this seven-week study integrates key scriptures and group discussion as well as devotions from both individuals and couples.  Join us to learn the secrets of lasting love!  Contact us for more information.

The Love Dare

A marriage-centered Bible study experience for individuals and couples, which invites participants into a risky but redemptive journey as they explore and apply God’s Word in their marriages. 

shutterstock 84324943Babywise

Scientists can put a man on the moon, but they cannot answer the most basic question of early parenting:  how do you have a happy and contented baby, who sleeps continually through the night like the rest of the family, and a mother who is not in a perpetual state of exhaustion?  Consistent with the Biblical principles of a healthy marriage and order within the family, BabyWise is an exciting infant management plan that successfully and naturally helps infants synchronize their feeding, wake time and nighttime sleep cycles. We invite you to join Dr. Bob Bucknam in discovering the positive prescription for curing sleepless nights and fussy babies that has been used by millions of parents around the world and recommended by doctors across the country. Contact us for more information.


Faith Family Support


Sessions include group discussions based around a wonderful video series featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects that will help you walk through the healing process and deal with the pains of loss. 


SmartStepFamSmart Step-families

Integrating video, group discussions and a personal workbook you will learn to understand the dynamics of a step-family, the need for forgiveness (of ourselves and others), the process of perseverance as well as loss and rewards. Contact us for more information.




Integrating video, group discussions and a personal workbook that will help you cope, heal, and get you on the road to recovery as you deal with the pain of the past and look forward with hope to rebuilding your life. Contact us for more information.


DC4KDivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

Children experiencing divorce often feel alone and helpless. DC4K provides a safe and caring place for your children to engage in fun-filled activities while learning about the divorce and the many changes they are encountering in their lives. Weekly sessions includes games, crafts, role playing, activity books and more designed for kids 5-12 years of age. DC4K classes coincide with the adult Divorce Care to begin and end at the same times.  Contact us for more information.
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